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Linemen Scholarships

WREA Lineman Scholarship

The WREA (Wyoming Rural Electric Association) Lineman Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who plan to attend an approved regional lineworker training program and pursue a career with one of Wyoming's electric cooperatives. The  scholarship is in the amount of $3,000. One or more scholarships will be awarded each year.  Candidates must submit applications to local cooperatives. Applications for the WREA Linemen Scholarships may be submitted for consideration throughout the year.  Click here for guidelines and application.  

Dar Hackworth Lineworker Scholarship

The Dar Hackworth Lineworker Scholarship was created in 2006 in memory of Dar Hackworth. Hackworth was born and raised in Ohio. In August 1997,  he moved with his family to Powell, Wyoming where he became an electrical lineworker with Garland Light & Power Company.  He became superintendent in 2000.  He had been interested in music since he was young and became a talented musician, playing banjo and guitar with the bluegrass Gospel band, "Witness."  Hackworth loved spending time with his family and friends and time in the mountains, hunting, fishing and riding horses.  Hackworth loved his job with Garland Light & Power Company and was highly respected by his peers in the industry.  Hackworth lost his life in the summer of 2005 in a non-utility related accident while enjoying some of those things he loved in life the most.   This scholarship is in the amount of $1,000.  Up to three scholarhips will be awarded each year. Please submit applications to your local cooperative prior to May 1st.  Click here to apply.

Neil Adkins Lineworker Scholarship

The Neil T. Adkins Scholarship was created in memory of Neil Adkins who was killed in an automobile accident in June 2009.   Neil was 20 years old and had attended Bismarck State College in the Lineworker Program.  In May, he had begun his new career with 3-C Construction in Bismarck and was enjoying his success in the Lineworker field.  Neil was a lifelong resident of Wyoming and received the WREA Scholarship to help him achieve his goal.  In memory of Neil, his family hopes these scholarships will help deserving students become successful in the Lineworker Program.   This scholarship is in the amount of $1,000.  One scholarship will be awarded each year.  Please submit applications to your local cooperative prior to May 1st. Click here for the application.

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